All I Want For Christmas

The spirit of Christmas have missed me again or has yet to come. While I have family and friends already starting to do their shopping, I still haven’t even written a single name in my Christmas list or if I ever plan to come up with one. Christmas is not really my favorite time of the year with the year end rush that comes with it and the odds may have been a lot tougher. Oh well, life is not always fair but we just have to take it as it is.

So what is my fervent wish for Christmas? Above all the material things… all the sweet greetings… all the faces and friends to catch up with… I did spend a larger part of the year trying to be fine and in some ways, I’ve prospered so much… I am now equipped with a goal in mind and is busy than ever to be bothered by the all high and mighty negative forces that threatens to ruin all that I’ve worked for. I hate to admit that I still have some matters to deal with though opening that can of worms is still an unsolved riddle. I just hope that when the clock has ticked its last second, I’ll be at peace with myself and be able to start a year without the baggage of the past.
I guess people like me who get to live by the day hasn’t really caught a tomorrow I’d like to aspire for and maybe in time I’d be less bothered by the worries of today and take a hopeful glance at what tomorrow may bring. I don’t want to earn my wrinkle in advance but when all the fixing is done, I’d take the smiles for the future to brighten up the dark moments of today. We’re never built complete since life is about finding those missing pieces that makes our life picture complete.
I just hope that when Christmas come rushing in, it won’t distract my strict training regimen. Hitting the finish line or completing a distance is so exhilarating that you tend to forget the sleep-deprived state, the sweat-infested anatomy and all those sore bones and muscles. I can now say I did finish a vertical marathon (all 10+2K of it). It was fun going up and down, left and right and I’m glad that even if it exceeded the regular 10K distance, I still had enough energy to finish.., Now, I just need to hope that I’d get that energy level to finally finish reading a book.
And I no longer want to live on demotivated and all those that bothers me will past and I know peace of mind is not an ambitious goal and with Christmas just around the corner, who knows… The important part as always is that we never stop trying… and that goes a long long way.
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I guess that’s how demotivated I am taking me more than a week to just revisit my site. Either I was busy enough to do away with my weekly blogging routine or I am just really clueless on what happened from point A to point B leaving me in a state of demotivation.

The journey towards such phase takes months, if not years of frustration. The short end of the story is that I am tired mending problems after problems after problems and yet there’s just no established sense of accountability that goes with that. I now want to take a different course of action but timing would always be an issue. I am now convinced that my skills and my talent would want to partake in more productive endeavors though I just want to have a level of comfort that I’ll leave on a good note or maybe even just a devil-may-care attitude that will just take a leap of faith at a moments notice. Now to think of ways to motivate myself going from point B to point C. Life is just so short to be bothered by the things that won’t matter in the long run.
I’m just glad that when it comes to running, I’ve sighed a new breath of life and have recorded a new high in 10K at 1 hour 11 minutes and that’s 6-7 minutes improvement from my first 10K run. Still more than 10 minutes away from my goal but at least it does give me some momentum in my training. Every minute gained is really hours and days of preparation. This is something that I am motivated in doing and running has now been a lifestyle and I’m starting to build my life around the training schedule and so far, I’m making it work. The goal has been set, the date has been set and now to deal with the challenging part that comes in between. Preparing for battle has never been this fun and I just can’t wait for my next run.
I sense that my life is a bit hectic and at times, I just dozed off from a very tiring day but somehow, the coming Christmas has its ways to reward your effort. For one, there’s an amazing light show in Ayala triangle I get see every time I train there. I get to see friends again this early and even if I had to fit this in my schedules I was able to have dinner with the AGSB Gang last week. There’s so much long weekend in between. I may not have the luxury of those weekend getaways but I do get to have packed weekends that starts with an early morning run.
I do have some parts of my life are in place though I know that there are some things that require some fixing and that’s just how the we take on life. We have to learn to bounce with it so even how low we fall, we’ll always find our way up. =>
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No Excuses

I’m so enjoying that I get to have a day away from work today!!!

The yearend rush is fast approaching and I don’t get much of this away time. Come to think of it, I even go to work even at times when I feel sick. Work is a topic I need to give a real serious thought. Sometimes, I get to feel that my efforts are in vain and the rewards system is skewed towards the inefficient. The results are never fine when there is no established accountability. I just got to take pride that whatever I get, I did work hard for it and then when the time is right, I get to look forward to new beginnings.
I somehow feel that I’ve brought in hibernation mode with my so-busy schedule. I’ve been packing the kilometers non-stop and I’m already used to the training lifestyle. Waking up early for training has been an ease already. It’s good to be healthy and moving towards a goal though I’m taking such a long time chunking away minutes from my time. I’ve got a new running buddy though I’m still getting used to running on Garmin time. There are many excuses that can be thought of but when you’re training it does work to think that there are NO EXCUSES.
I’m ending hibernation mode towards the weekend meeting AGSB friends at Republiq for our so-early Christmas Party. It’s gonna be fun though I can’t stay that long nor drink that much as I’ll be in a race early the next day. It’s been ages since the last time the Group met so it’s gonna be legen-wait for it-dary. Party time in a few days.
Speaking of Christmas, it’s just a few waking up away and I still haven’t gotten the hang of the season. I do have a part of me that hates the yearend rush that goes along with the season. Whoever decided to put Christmas just a few days before yearend??? I guess even with the specter of a difficult year ender, there’ll still be a lot of looking forward to… party, friends, family, gifts. Wait, I don’t get gift that much though it gives me a reason to buy myself stuff. the perfect excuse to buy myself a Garmin. It’s the time of the year when you can pamper yourself without the guilt of feeling extravagant.
So that leaves me one question, “All I want for Christmas is…”
Excess Inkblogs: Oh Wait… I need to hit ADHD mode to be able to have the will to clean the mess called my room…
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A Busy Life

It’s starting to get hectic with 4 times a week running schedule plus the busy times is slowly creeping in. I’m still loving it though. I’m made for the busy life. I get easily bored in idle times and the endless balancing act is a real challenge. It’s such a crazy roller coaster ride. At times, it makes us dizzy but if we let the thrill play its role, we’ll end up enjoying the ride.

I’ve been running uphill… been running in the rain (that explains the cough and colds)… and
ran my 2nd 10K run with slightly better results. It looks like I’m going for sub-60, 1 minute at a time (such a slow pace). I’m a work in progress but I’m so inspired after going over several stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul – Runners, I hope I do get to write my own piece piece someday. The story of our life is written each day and even if some subplots are thrown every now and then but on top of that, it’s still our story to write.
I had a quick trip to and from Cambodia in an up and down, twist and turn manner. A lot of things was amiss even on the way… last minute changes… long check-in queues… over animated security check in SG… delayed flight to Phnom Penh… still additional changes… got sick… got really sick (It isn’t a board meeting if I was healthy coming in the meeting)… Oh well, life does know how to throw wrenches along the way but I guess, it’s just how we dodge the wrenches or how well we recover after getting hit. I did get my presentation done even with minor kinks and had to be such hard head in order just to leave on time and it was the right move all along as I had to do so much to do today.
I do have a lot of training backlog from being away and being sick for a while and the next obstacle now is the rain though I did get to do my run on a treadmill. It’s a lot more difficult for me that way as I get bored without the scenic route. I just hope it does stop raining if not can they just give me a treadmill with a scenic hologram. I still have more than 25 kilometers to go. Apart from backlog, I may have a little breather in the next few weeks though I’m still occupied by several issues to resolve.
At the very least, I have started so much already and currently enjoying a busy life. Starting is always a challenge and nothing can really be done without taking the bold first step. It pays to live each day as if it was the last, there are fewer regrets and I can safely say that the bigger strides I took has been great and I no longer would want to live my life with any IFs…
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The past week was a real uphill climb with a few days approaching the board meeting, we were nowhere near any of the requirements we had to do. As the days flew in, we started to slowly tick off items in our to do list and looks in a good position to finish on time. I guess persistence does take you places and as long as you hang in there, the solutions will come in and those things that don’t seem to have meaning will eventually make sense.

The uphill climb is not yet over but at least we did make strides towards the finish line. It was tough and things are bound to get tougher but I’ll always take a difficult life over a life not lived. I’m just glad I can take another long weekend off without being bothered by the pressures of work. I’m surprised though that I’m no longer built for those long lasting overtimes anymore. Funny that I get more drained having an hour or two of extra hours at work compared to running a 5 to 10 kilometers run.

I’m about a month doing regular training runs and this week was my light recovery week but I also had to endure a tough speed session last Friday. I was fully exhausted after my speed session but that’s the whole purpose of it – to try to run at the maximum pace I can and I’m sure It’s gonna be worth all that effort. I felt like floating and seeing stars after the speed session. I also had my first shot an an uphill run in Baguio City and it was difficult running uphill (or upmountain???) combined with the blistering cold climate. I still can’t believe how my mileage during my run was creeping up so slow considering I felt that I’ve probably covered half of the city already. The cold weather has it ways to make the climb a lot more difficult.

Apart from the uphill week, I’m just glad I’m in my hometown for Halloween weekend. I love the weather in this part of the world and of course, the warmth of family and the familiarity of home. Even if I’m more of a visitor now in my hometown, I still enjoy and treasure each visit I have here even at times, I just end up stuck in our sofa in my sleepy cold weather mode. This time though I’m now squeezing in the exercise in my lazy boy routine.

No excuses… I’ve managed to combine the workouts with work and time with family and friends and a lot of travel in between. It’s just a matter of knowing the essentials – the things and the individuals that would make the world mean nothing without having it. I’m looking forward to so many things once I get past the hectic board meeting schedule, I do get to spread my wings again and get back to the finer side.

Life is not always a uphill climb but it is in those struggling climb that you get to appreciate the view from the top and the ease of a downhill trek. Bad days are there to make good times matter.

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10 for 10

I’ve officially ran my 10th race and it’s my first time to enter as a 10K runner.

I’m really happy to transition to 10K and the speed should be OK for now but I’m still a long way of going sub 1 hour. That’s a goal and that’s gonna keep me trying and training harder. I really can’t wait for my next 10K race to beat my current record and it’s gonna be in two weeks. My hard headed nature had me register in a run on the same day of my flight for our next board meeting but before that I might be able to get a shot to train in the mountainous terrain of my hometown for the all Soul’s day weekend. Training has been quite exciting as you don’t only chase the time, you have to be in sync with the weather. Running against time and rain.
Thanks to the long weekend. I get a chance to rest up my tired and weary muscles. Wait, I forgot I have tons to do. Oh well, I’m leaving that for tomorrow’s worries. I’m starting to ran out of solutions and with the way things are patience is next to go so I’m really taking the day to recharge and relax. Tomorrow’s gonna be a difficult day so I’ll leave it at that. That’s the thing about work, some days you get appreciated… some days credit is grabbed from under your nose… some days you feel satisfied… some days you get pissed… but at the end of the day, it’s just work.
There’s more to life than work… work… work… It’s an excellent diversion but it’s not everything. That’s the way I try to keep things. Franc at work is definitely different to Franc at play. The thin line we have to draw to keep our sanity in check. A balance is always needed and managing time is always a mystery as it runs opposite to our desires. When awaiting it, it ticks at snail pace… When fighting against it, it ticks at rocket pace. I guess, you’ll need the other diversions especially when you’re always going against the tide and trying to make things right or else you end up being burnt out.
The tides haven’t turned maybe it’s time to set my sail towards a new direction… That has been my brain-thought for quite some time but as I said, today’s a break so that thought is tomorrow’s burden. Everything will unfold at the right time and circumstances… =>
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Out of Sync… Out of my Mind…

Out of Sync... That’s how I started my day with the odds once again being stacked against me and the problems seemingly endless. I guess some people are paid big bucks just to make my life miserable. How exciting can that be??? I’m really low on motivation and energy when it comes to work. That’s the problem when you are so passionate with what you do when you lose track, it takes so much to be back in sync.

Which riddle will make sense in the end. Just a few weeks going to the board meeting and several holidays in between. That’s a ticking clock buzzing every now and then. I always had the thought that one day my luck will run out and there’ll be some problems that I won’t solve and seven years after I’m still able to get past whatever came. The charm of working with what you got is that you never really ran short of resources.
So where does that leave me… I hate to admit it but a part of me is stuck in the past and another part is overwhelmed with the present so that leaves the future to hand of uncertainty. I’d take that on the thought that the biggest blessing that comes in are those that we never expected. One thing I know right now is that I have a welcome diversion and takes a lot of my free time but the effects have been great.
I’m on the 3rd week of my running training and I’ve been logging kilometers non-stop. Thanks to GPS technology that comes with my iPhone, I’m able to trace the route and monitor the distance via the GPS. How to balance things out and how to fit the tight training routine is something I get to deal with day by day. Sometimes, even when the time is free, I’d also have the weather to worry about but so far, except for missing 3K yesterday, I’ve been able to stick to the training schedule.
The results, I’m probably still running just slightly better but the main difference is that I’m not struggling in finishing the run. I know if I do the training right I can run faster and more relaxed and a lot trimmer. The first challenge is this weekend, to complete my first 10K run. 10K for my 10th race. Now I’m really excited but that would be after several additional white hairs and additional wrinkles trying to solve the key items I have to deal with this week.
Oh well, I hope I was a billionaire… Oh that’s just me with an LSS. I wanna be a billionaire, so fxxkin’ bad… Haha… But that thought would definitely drive me Out of my mind…
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Upon finishing my scheduled 7K in my running training, it dawned to me that during this day 7 years ago, I started in what seemed like a roller coaster ride that has its ups and downs. Maybe not really downs since most of the time its always an uphill climb but there are times really that I’m hating every bit of what I’m doing. The culture… The overly competitive people that are threatened by young achievers… The seemingly unending supply of problems to be remedied and so on…

On the flip side of the coin, I do love the challenging role I have. I do enjoy that I’ve been able to diversify my skill sets through the years and I am still handling complex and highly technical and innovative matters. Getting the ins and out of the ever-changing standards… Raising big-time funds even at difficult times… Managing unlimited issues and problems… Those are the challenges I get past day to day and at the same time, I’d like to count those as milestones. Yet somehow, I may have outgrown my purpose vis-a-vis to the direction of the Company. It’s about time to have a 7-month plan to switching to maybe a different ride… That topic, I leave for the moment.
I’m now officially banning lazy weekends. I have my time filled with running training with my 4-times a week running schedule. So I’m now trying to avoid lazing around during weekends which is really my normal mode. I’m a natural sloth. I’m getting used to this lifestyle and loving the fact that I’m losing weight though I do have to tone done some area a bit but I’ll get there. As for running, I also have along way to go but it’s a good thing that I am now increasing the distance I am covering from the usual 5K runs. I need to push my efforts further… 10k in a few weeks.
It’s board meeting time again in a few weeks and that keeps me worried. Still tons of things to do… Annoyances to take… and puzzles to unravel… I’m still wondering though why the board meeting should be held Sunday – Monday when they could have it on Monday – Tuesday… Hello… There’s such a thing we call weekends. I was really hoping that I could find a way to participate in a run on the 6th…. Oh well, I won’t worry further as it’s been like kryptonite draining my energy. There’s always a reason to smile and if you can’t find one, it just means you are not looking hard enough…
7 years seemed so fast so maybe in 7 months or 7 weeks or 7 days, things will change. That’s the wonder in this journey, Nothing is certain… The strings of fate is free to pull its own surprises… =>
Thoughtless Thoughts: It’s the people who are not afraid to disagree that makes the difference.
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Wasted Time

I feel that I’m wasting my time on some vicious cycle. Somehow, no matter how much you fix certain problems, they always find ways to mess things up leading you back to square one or even worse, stuck steps backward. I’m not really afraid of what the future holds but somehow going over some cycles are already getting sickening and it feels like wasted time. So leads me to the question until when should I go through the routine???

Oh well, that’s what happens when I go on this thinking spells. I end up stressing my mind so much on the value of time but I guess you just have to go through the motions and take whatever life brings and you’ll realize that there’s always a topside in any scenario. It’s funny how I whine when the going gets tough and get bored when there’s nothing to fix. I guess, I’m made for those intense moments and my heart beats best when the stakes are high. Of course, I just hope that some naysayers be a part of the solution for a change.
Speaking of heart, I’m still in awe at the 3-point dagger that took out the Tamaraws. The heart of the champion. 3 Peat for the Blue Eagles and I’ll be joining the bonfire later after running training. It’ll be more intense training for me as I shoot to move up to 10k in a few weeks. Sometimes, I do feel that I’m a full time runner and a part time employee with the time and effort I’ve been investing in running but of course, I do need to work to finance my being a run-a-holic. Besides muscle pain and a trimmer waist, the satisfaction of crossing the finish line is one of things I get from running.
It’s a tiring weekend spent less than a day in Baguio to attend my cousin’s wedding. It was a cold day spent with the warmth of family. Sleep a little, eat a lot, drink a little and eat whatever is available (it was a food-tripping day…=>). I did get a heart warming piece of advice from the one who officiated the wedding. “Love people for who they are and not for who we want them to be unless they do accept the change themselves.” It’s the part of love being unconditional. It does bode well to any relationship in as much as we should allow people to leave their own unique memory prints in the parchment of life. Sometimes, if we don’t see past people’s faults, we may miss out that their virtues maybe the one thing we are looking for.
It’s good to start with a nice thought and the rest will follow… =>
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What Goes Around…

What goes around, comes around.

It’s never been as evident as it is this week. Some goodwill have been tarnished because of self-gratifying ways of some people. I just hope that people did learn their lesson. If you don’t do the right thing, it will eventually haunt you. It will be another uphill climb. The good part is I’m leveling up my efforts and is more determined than ever. I’ll be making bigger waves that will ripple and I won’t let people’s insecure ways stop me this time. I work best when the going gets tough.
The tough ride has began this week… earlier deadlines… numerous meetings and presentations… more involved in all aspects… endless queries… and a tougher persona… It’s on!!! I’m done getting things done in the shadows. I’m stepping on the gas and getting past all the annoyances to be several steps ahead. It’s a lot more stressful but I’m up to the challenge and the goal is getting it done within the regular day. I still would want to keep my work-life balance.
And about that balance, I’m still able to sneak in a few weeknight runs and even join a fun run this weekend. I’m glad that my pace has improved and I’ve officially entered myself at 10K in next’s month’s run. That’s another level up but I do have a lot of work to do to prepare for that event. At least, I have a goal in place and a plan in store. Running is no more an addiction to me, it’s now a lifestyle and I’m loving every stride of it.
Another level up is that I have gotten my iPhone 4, now already fully clothed and pampered. I haven’t got to test it yet though as I have yet to activate my sim but the contents are already in the unit and I can’t wait trying to run with its GPS feature. I did wait for this and I’m glad I got mine during the launch even if I almost miss my meeting for this. Sometimes, my priorities are misplaced… hehe.. I’m also back to the Globe network, at least for my office number. I’ll have my DUO activated soon and that’s me being more easily accessible.
I’m glad I ended this one on a relaxing note with a full body massage. I’m looking forward to another week of multi tasking and running. Somehow, I’m sure it won’t be an easy week but it’s fine with me. New doors are opening and I may be taking some big steps but it’s still wait and see… =>

Thoughtless Thoughts: The world won’t always move in the direction we desire but we can always choose to fight the tides for the battles we believe in…
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