Life in the Slow Lane

Running is reflective of life’s goal, sometimes you stop, slow down & fall but the goal is to finish amidst the things that go wrong.

It’s been busy past few weekends with me jumping from one event to another and don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Life has now been a big race and the frenetic pace has been making me dizzy and at times sick.  This is the reason that I have to spend some time in the slow lane and now is the best time for life in a much comfortable pace.

Bora here we come!!!  Lounging around, massage, water sports, bare foot running, swimming, party, drinks and the LIFE in the beach.  The heat is on and the hitting the beach is the logical choice. I can’t wait to feel the fine white sands in a while.  Time to relax, unwind and think things over.  This is gonna be something I need.

It’ll be a welcome break also from all the training after I had a bout with cramps during my last run.  You gotta expect a result like that when you have to squeeze in four straight days of training. Lessons were learned and it sucks that I have a foot structure that’s so injury prone but that won’t stop me.  I’m gonna persevere to strengthen the weak muscles and become the meanest, fastest and strongest I can be.  Next month’s training would be a real level up and once I’m rested up, I’d be raring to conquer those longer distance at a better time and a more relax pace.

It’s also been great that no matter how busy I am, I still find time to touch base with most of my friends.  After all the busy and tough times, this is a real welcome change of atmosphere and this is just the beginning.  I’ll get more time with old set of friends and maybe new ones in the upcoming weeks.  I somehow have the feeling that something good is brewing and I just don’t know what or when or how or why but I can sense that it’s about to come.  So just bring it. I’ll be ready.

And one thing I’m not ready is on what to do with my career as I am running out of reasons on why I should continue at my current path.  Some things have been intolerable and some thresh hold may have already been crossed so it’ll also be time to think things through but either way, I’m ready to take some risks.  It’s always better to risk everything than hold on to nothing.  So all I can say as things are getting exciting and once I’m done with my life in the slow lane, it’s gonna be full speed ahead and I won’t let anything stop me this time.  =>     

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