Bad Banana

I was coasting at a very good time earlier covering the first 5K of a 10K run until I got thwarted by of all things… Eating a banana… Instead of the energy boost I expected I suddenly had a heavy stomach so had to struggle in the next 3K until I got my second wind at the 8K mark but was still able to finish at a decent time of 1:03. Oh well, wasn’t able to get a new PR and my sub 60 goal… Oh well, will have to take it at another time. I’ll have to take the comfort that I did push myself even on a suddenly heavy stomach. Bad Banana…

From a bad banana, I’ve been wondering until when can I maintain my good and no-whine personality at the office. Imagine I’ve been sent to Taipei on such short notice twice, been on the loop of some opportunistic people taking credit and reward for what I’ve done and still a lot of things unresolved in the yearend closing and yet I’m veering away from my hard headed ways. Maybe I have made up my mind on what direction to take and I’m getting numb already with this dysfunctional system. It’s gonna be a difficult week to come as we do need to finalize everything before the upcoming board meeting this month.
The summer is heating up and I’m on a vacation booking spree. I’ve booked 2 already (Coron and Boracay) and I’m looking forward to booking several more. I have expiring miles to waste. It seems that I’ve booked my weekends already ’till the end of summer with all the runs and all the travel I have to take. It gets exciting by the minute and I guess that’s how I’d like to go forward from this point on… No holding back and living life to the brim.
As things heat up at work, I get a rare chance to cool down my injuries this week. Off the tracks for the meantime but I’ll be back on training a week after as there are minutes to shave off and a lot more runs to conquer and maybe next time, there won’t be a bad banana to thwart me this time. =>

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