A Busy Life

It’s starting to get hectic with 4 times a week running schedule plus the busy times is slowly creeping in. I’m still loving it though. I’m made for the busy life. I get easily bored in idle times and the endless balancing act is a real challenge. It’s such a crazy roller coaster ride. At times, it makes us dizzy but if we let the thrill play its role, we’ll end up enjoying the ride.

I’ve been running uphill… been running in the rain (that explains the cough and colds)… and
ran my 2nd 10K run with slightly better results. It looks like I’m going for sub-60, 1 minute at a time (such a slow pace). I’m a work in progress but I’m so inspired after going over several stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul – Runners, I hope I do get to write my own piece piece someday. The story of our life is written each day and even if some subplots are thrown every now and then but on top of that, it’s still our story to write.
I had a quick trip to and from Cambodia in an up and down, twist and turn manner. A lot of things was amiss even on the way… last minute changes… long check-in queues… over animated security check in SG… delayed flight to Phnom Penh… still additional changes… got sick… got really sick (It isn’t a board meeting if I was healthy coming in the meeting)… Oh well, life does know how to throw wrenches along the way but I guess, it’s just how we dodge the wrenches or how well we recover after getting hit. I did get my presentation done even with minor kinks and had to be such hard head in order just to leave on time and it was the right move all along as I had to do so much to do today.
I do have a lot of training backlog from being away and being sick for a while and the next obstacle now is the rain though I did get to do my run on a treadmill. It’s a lot more difficult for me that way as I get bored without the scenic route. I just hope it does stop raining if not can they just give me a treadmill with a scenic hologram. I still have more than 25 kilometers to go. Apart from backlog, I may have a little breather in the next few weeks though I’m still occupied by several issues to resolve.
At the very least, I have started so much already and currently enjoying a busy life. Starting is always a challenge and nothing can really be done without taking the bold first step. It pays to live each day as if it was the last, there are fewer regrets and I can safely say that the bigger strides I took has been great and I no longer would want to live my life with any IFs…

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