10 for 10

I’ve officially ran my 10th race and it’s my first time to enter as a 10K runner.

I’m really happy to transition to 10K and the speed should be OK for now but I’m still a long way of going sub 1 hour. That’s a goal and that’s gonna keep me trying and training harder. I really can’t wait for my next 10K race to beat my current record and it’s gonna be in two weeks. My hard headed nature had me register in a run on the same day of my flight for our next board meeting but before that I might be able to get a shot to train in the mountainous terrain of my hometown for the all Soul’s day weekend. Training has been quite exciting as you don’t only chase the time, you have to be in sync with the weather. Running against time and rain.
Thanks to the long weekend. I get a chance to rest up my tired and weary muscles. Wait, I forgot I have tons to do. Oh well, I’m leaving that for tomorrow’s worries. I’m starting to ran out of solutions and with the way things are patience is next to go so I’m really taking the day to recharge and relax. Tomorrow’s gonna be a difficult day so I’ll leave it at that. That’s the thing about work, some days you get appreciated… some days credit is grabbed from under your nose… some days you feel satisfied… some days you get pissed… but at the end of the day, it’s just work.
There’s more to life than work… work… work… It’s an excellent diversion but it’s not everything. That’s the way I try to keep things. Franc at work is definitely different to Franc at play. The thin line we have to draw to keep our sanity in check. A balance is always needed and managing time is always a mystery as it runs opposite to our desires. When awaiting it, it ticks at snail pace… When fighting against it, it ticks at rocket pace. I guess, you’ll need the other diversions especially when you’re always going against the tide and trying to make things right or else you end up being burnt out.
The tides haven’t turned maybe it’s time to set my sail towards a new direction… That has been my brain-thought for quite some time but as I said, today’s a break so that thought is tomorrow’s burden. Everything will unfold at the right time and circumstances… =>

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