When All Else Fails

I rarely take a glance into the future since for the most part of my life, I’ve been occupied by the worries of today and at times, the burden of yesterday. Today is not really that bad either but some things are just not in their proper balance. I still have a missing ingredient to find and it’ll be an essential piece in my life’s recipe. At this time, the only thing certain about the future is uncertainty and if by a sudden twist of faith, when all else fails… I’ll be ready or if I’m not, I now know that I’ll have a support group that’s gonna be there…

Speaking of missing ingredients, I’m still pissed of by people who determine their missing ingredient by what others have received and not on what they need or deserve. Things are much simpler than some envious brains can unravel. Not everything is given… not everything is fair… but for the most of things, it can be earned… Deal with it!!!! When people receive something, it means they earned it or deserve it or is part of a group that achieved a special task. No more, no less… Trust, respect and everything else is earned and not demanded. I only help people who need it and not people who demand it. I’ll keep things cool this time but the next time I’m being attacked or anyone in my protection bubble, all hell is gonna break loose… and yes, that is a threat…

It was a good thing that in the midst of all the noise around, I was able to take a breather in 88 Hot Springs in Laguna with family. It was refreshing and relaxing and just a little over the hour drive from Manila. I enjoyed the warm pools and the dip at the energy pool was a unique experience. The 37-43 degrees water temperature was a real challenge. It was a nice get away and it was good to catch up from all the summer getaways I didn’t take the past few months. I guess summer is as long as you want it to be in this part of the world.

It was also a welcome experience to watch the launch of a future major player in the auditing profession last night and I was impressed by the launch and glad to meet a lot of my MC2 mentors and colleagues in this event. It’s a rare event that a new player comes up in the audit industry so was glad to take part in this event.

Today being a holiday is just perfect timing. The weekend has been tiring with all the ‘sundo’ chores that came with it. I am just glad that before the break, we did make some headway in our half year preparations. I feel that we’re starting to resolve several issues now and hopefully, it’s gonna be smooth half year closing and the rest I’d rather leave as tomorrow’s burden… =>


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