All Messed Up

I’ve been wondering how I’ve been bouncing from being fine from time to time and from being so lost for the rest. I guess, I’m all messed up still trying to balance things out. Seriously, I need new milestones to catch. Surviving by the day may be so little of a goal but its what I have to do for now. I’m not necessarily in the worst of time but not knowing what I want to look forward to is not a good thing either.

This time I’d live things as they are – Messed up and murky. For beginners, I’m not the most organized person to start with but somehow I still manage to keep things at bay and in control. Of course, some things are beyond our control and at times we can do is hope. The best I can do is to keep myself occupied with something productive. I’ve been occupied with series of items to resolve and then I’m also having my ‘lolo‘ sleep early and longer mode.
Hibernation mode… That’s the mode I am in… I’ve been spending less and less time away from home. I’ve managed to catch up and finished vampire diaries last week. I’ll be needing a new series for the week to come and I don’t plan to end my hibernation anytime soon since the rainy season is starting to breeze in. Oh no!!! I haven’t hit the beach and its rainy season already. Oh well, I’ll just hope to enjoy my short breather in Cebu come next long weekend.
It was a good thing though that even if I’m camping in my anti-social shell, I’ve still managed to meet some NF JPIA friends and I did have fun staying up ’til 5 am to welcome the weekend. Anyway, I’m looking forward to developing healthy habits. I’m starting to be tempted to do more runs though I don’t think my cramps prone bone structure is meant for this but I’ll still try more and have fun in the process.
It’s all messed up but it’s a phase I’m taking and the good part of not seeing what’s up ahead is that you leave the window for surprises to come in… =>

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