Life is too Short not to be Happy

I’ve spent the last few days in the finer side with the company of friends and family – Late night dinner with friends at Cantinetta and Nommu before the Holy Week and spending Holy Week in Clearwater Country Club in Clark with Family. Except for the intolerable heat, the natural backdrop of Clearwater across the traffic-free streets of Clark was perfect retreat from the hustles of everyday life. I guess you just have to take these chances each time you can take cause life is too short not to be happy.

I guess even though things haven’t been that fine as of late and by the small dent I got from my return to Manila yesterday from unidentified flying campaign materials the tide has not turned, I still owe it to myself to be happy. I tend to live safely in between – neither here nor there. Come to think of it, time will always go on forward and no matter how long we dwell in the past or the complications of the present that is not gonna change the fact that time will go on. So onward with the mystery that tomorrow brings and take a shot at happiness.
It’s gonna be another day in the office and I’m betting it’s gonna be difficult with another upcoming board meeting just breathing down our necks. I’ll live through it and in a few difficult days, I do get my chance to see my SG based friends. There’s always two sides of each story, the good and the bad and unfortunate for us, we are meant to experience both.
And about good and bad, I’ve been switching to and from clean shaven good boy neat look to unshaven husky bad boy look. Good or bad, which is better??? => Quite a dilemma… I know where this ends, I’ll always get back to my default neat look. I guess that’s how my personality is, I get chances where I’d want to be the bad guy that evokes interests but I always end up being a nice person that is always around.
Maybe, I won’t be around often now. As it is, I need to chase some essentials that will get me another shot at happiness… and I am now emerging from my anti-social shell and happy times here I come..

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