The Finer Side of Life

From the whining mode, I’m now more upbeat and looking forward to the finer side of life. Of course, it doesn’t mean everything is in perfect place and everybody is happy but I’m taking comfort that the difficult days have passed and the rest is more tolerable.

I haven’t booked a single trip but I’m glad that my idle mind can now entertain those thoughts and in a week or two I can finalize some vacation plans for the summer. The good part of being tormented early is that you have an earlier shot at a better life after the busy times.
I can now recognize days in a week. I now can hate coding Mondays and Thank God Its Friday again!!! I can now go on lazy weekends… Dinner time with friends (and meeting new ones =>)… Coffee breaks for leisure and not to keep me awake… And just be able to smile at times since there’s a life to look forward to… Work a little, Play a little, Rest a little and Live a Lot… =>
The week has been an adjustment more than ever. I’m still trying to detach myself from work. I’m being bored on idle times and still craving the adrenalin rush at each heartbeat-stopping moments. Other than that, I’m all set to move on the finer side of life and I’m glad that I’m starting to meet old and new people outside my usual circles the past month.
I’m happy to see that the wacky photos during the board are out and just going over, labeling and tagging photos has been refreshing and amusing. To think that only about a few of this would be used in the annual report. Wait, the annual report has not yet been done. Well, that stays on my to do lists.
Changes are coming and just bring it. I may not have answers now but I’ll come out with something in time. I guess, there’s a part of tomorrow we should leave for the future. About the future, I’m off to Bataan on Monday and the rest is a mystery I still have to unravel. Anything goes… =>
Thoughtless Thoughts: Life is not a race, you can be a winner even if you do not finish first.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Genial dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

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