What To Do Next???

I know I should probably be used to this phase… Neither here nor there but stuck in the middle pondering what is next in line in my list of To Dos… I still have a few in my short list but it’s practically now back to the drawing board… For most of the time, I end up in the same place taking safe baby steps each passing day…

But this is the year that I promise to shake things up… A little bit of edginess in my most of the time dull persona… I somehow have given too much of myself in reaching some goals that I’m a bit burned out with rest as the first in line… Yet some opportunities have started to knock and leaves me quite in a crossroad… Not knowing what to do next???
It seems that I’ve been in a reboot… Some familiar cycles are now something I’m not used too… and some new cycles are appealing to unravel… I guess that’s what happens when you pull out from the system, it seems foreign to go back to the common activities… Well, all I can say is I need some time to lick my wounds and then Hello Life!!! I know in time, I’ll be out of the middle ground and there’ll be some certainty and stability and all I can say is that I know the future is as bright and shiny as we choose them to be…
After all the tormenting days, I thought this week was a walk in the park but I did speak too soon as we were caught in another chase to wrap up the announcement to be among the early few to release the results… A feather in the cap… Yes but to be honest, the effort wasted was not worth it… I’m just glad it’s over… or at least, the worst part is over… Annual Report is still an unfinished business…

I guess when you go through a tough stretch, it’s such a blessing just getting past it and we were able to share a nice meal at Tower Club after all the busy days with both Accounting Team and Auditors… tormented and tormentors… This time I can’t say which is which cause we were all tormented during this period…
Oh well, still have a lot of To Dos… This time for the fun side of life… Still looking at Operation Euro Tour… and those vacations I take on all those long weekends… Work a little, Play a little, Rest a little and Live a Lot… =>

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