Officially Retired from Chasing Impossible Deadlines

When you take away a full 45 days from your yearend deadline on a late notice, you’d easily say it can’t be done. This things takes proper technology, people and planning and a lot of patience. The last two months was difficult taking off from one area to another, resolving one issue after another and the biggest part was really breaking the ice on accustomed traditions, culture and deadline.
And the last 6 days of torment did not disappoint with each almost having us lasting ’til midnight in the office and the barrier of the impossible seemed to be unbreakable for so long. Of course, when you work with what is given, you’ll always found a way how and we were able to beat the deadline though I’d say there was numerous times that I almost gave up.
I also learned that it’s a thankless job and even if we did beat the clock, some individuals are not designed to be pleased so quite an emotional burden to carry when all the time, effort and sacrifices are not worth it but at least I did say my piece and I think I made my point and impact. I still don’t know how I came up with a creative way of stressing my point but I’m glad I did.
Tired, exhausted, rejected and sad at this point of time but I’d take the comfort that even if things didn’t all go as it should have been, the job is finish, done and complete while there’s always a sense of pride that comes when you did something unthinkable. A heavy feather under my cup and another new milestone accomplished.
I’m glad I did have people to rely on even if at times, you do need to make significant variance on plans just to accommodate certain work approaches that others are comfortable with but there’s also a mean streak that I have employed to get the job done. Not really my line of expertise but it has to be there to have some semblance of control in each situation.
I’m glad it’s over and I can say that I’m officially retired from chasing impossible deadlines.

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