6 More Days of Torment

Not the best times of my life… That’s how my past few days have been with a killer deadline lurking around the corner and still so many issues that unfolds…
So the good part of the story that in 6 days time it should be over but whether it’ll be a day to rejoice or a day to fold up in shame is still something that hangs in the balance… The difficult part is that the worst is yet to come and the next few days will be a test of will, patience and to some extent, even sanity…
I know a lot of people have poured so much already towards meeting this directions and even with everybody tired and weary, I hope to withstand the next 6 days. I just wonder how I’m always placed in this type of make or break situation. I’ll just go by the thought that if we get past this with both feet standing, then it’ll only make us stronger but I hope this crazy deadline should be a one time thing only. There must be better things to do than chasing impossible deadlines…
Not much for the week this time except continuous whining from everybody (including me) from too much work… going home too tired and thinking only of getting some rest… a lot of meetings… coffee dependence to keep our weary state from taking control… working on weekends… To think this is just the first work week of the year and the second week won’t be easy as well…
I did find time to create the FB FAA babies group site and take a peek of some travel packages to Europe (something I have to do after all the work stuff is over… It’s always nice to take some time and see the finer days ahead to leave things at proper balance… This hibernation mode is soon to end… and that alone makes the difficult times ahead worth enduring…
6 more days to go and the attempt of getting past it begins with a restful sleep… Ciao!!!

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