Christmas in the Middle of the Cold and the Bluewater

Merry Christmas to all!!!
I’ve been stucked in the middle of Stressville for most of the time leading to Christmas Day and probably still a foot in Stressville even during the holidays. I’m tired from all the pressure I have to live by and peace of mind is not something I can take home this year but I’m still trying to spend as much of the holiday without the scawl and pale expression I’ve been carrying the rest of the time.
Off to the cold weather at home. Nice crazy party at home (maybe noisy is an understatement). We weren’t able to go with some usual traditional stuff but we’ll just squeeze it in within the next few days. A good part of it was that I was able to maximize my sleep in the bus going home to Baguio. Hello cold weather (though it’s also been cold in Manila last week). Christmas Mass and Dinner and then the gift giving (no more receiving since we’re following a No Gift once you work policy). Oh well, let me bitterly say, it’s better to give than to receive.
Shortly, we’re off to Manila then to the bluewaters of Boracay for a few days there. I always love the view of the beach maybe it’ll calm some of my anxiousness. Second trip to Bora this year so this one would be more on relaxation (did I say I’m bringing my laptop to be able to check on some work stuff??? sucks!!!). I’m trying my best to have fun but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Technology has its ways to ease (or at times worsen) some workload.
Haay!!! Not in the best of times but not also in my worst of times… I guess that’s a fair compromise given that I still have a deadline yet I still want to have fun. Christmas has its way bringing us home and meeting family and friends amidst the difficult circumstances. =>
Thoughtless Thoughts: It’s always a difficult choice when you are torn with what you want to do and what you need to do.

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2 Responses to Christmas in the Middle of the Cold and the Bluewater

  1. RONDZ says:

    nice naman. boracay. enjoy it franckie. you deserve it!

  2. Franc says:

    yeah… nice time Rondz… Happy New Year…

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