The Last of My Charmed Days

It’s my Inaanak Charm’s advance third birthday and knowing that this would be the one of the last one I would be able to attend since the next one would be down under. The last of my charmed days… sigh… sigh… Oh Well… Down under will always be one of my favorite places, so I’ll still get to see Charm from time to time…
Weird as it is, the first thing I did notice this year for Christmas are the not so good elements, traffic jams, jam-packed parking slots, the calorie overload that goes with too much gatherings, the long queues at the mall, the multitudes of gifts to buy… and so on… I’d like to appreciate the things that make Christmas a jolly time of the year (unfortunately it’s not a jolly one right now)… You get to see friends (planned and coincidence) in their festive moods… Funny, how I kept bumping into friends last Friday and Saturday… Pleasant surprises… You get to see kids in singing their hearts out to the Christmas tunes… Eye catching decorations and landscapes that goes with the season… People tend to reach out more at this time of year… and then there’s always the joy of giving…
Busy with work and fun that’s how I describe my week. That’s what happens when you get come up with an equation of an early deadline plus Christmas = One real tired Franc… Well worth it… Had my chance at meeting old colleagues (FAA, CPA, Tina, Vic, Arlyn) last Thursday… Met Diane, bumped into Anna for dinner and then Mark and Mina last Friday… Drive to Subic with Ruth and the Bumping into Ves… then Meeting Arnold, Jing, Chelsea and Ephz for Charm’s Bday…
And the business has been at its peak in fact, I just realized that I have most of my people spread out all over just to ensure that we finish on time… I had to do some clerical stuff… Anything to get the job done… Unfortunately, we’re put in a spot that leaves us no leeway for taking it easy… Let’s see if we get to pull this difficult task…
It’s less than five days before Christmas and add another day for a family Bora Trip… I hope the festive mood catches up with me by then… As of now, it’s the sandman who caught me…ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thoughtless Thoughts: The best victories are those we get from the heels of defeat.

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