Fast Times in Slow Motion

The days are trickling in fast and yet each minute has been critical and valuable. Each moment is magnified with each tick of the clock – chasing to do’s, catching deadlines and resolving unending riddles. Fast Times in slow motion… The days to go are limited and yet the task at hand is limitless.

The irony of fast being slow in congesting so much stuff in the limited time before the holiday. While the days are going by unnoticed, the level of effort and stress have felt like it’s been ages already as if every stress-ridden moments has been accumulating by each drop of the sands of time.
A jolly feel of the season is yet an anxious event that has yet to come but at the least, I’m almost done with my Christmas chores… buying gifts, burdened by the Christmas traffic, attending and missing Christmas parties… and I guess, it’s more of the wait that lies ahead. The sad part of it is the countdown that has taken my time and energy is my January deadline and not Christmas.
Anyway, there’ll still be a lot of reason to smile… Amidst the busy times, I still am left with time to reconnect, relax and attempt to take another difficult task… shed some pounds in this dinner-infested season… there’s also some chances to lend a helping hand every now and then.
This weekend has been a tiring one but at the end of it was a little time to pamper myself and knowing that the days are numbered before the holidays sets in, I know it won’t be the best of times that awaits but who cares… even as good times, come and go, and so do difficult ones… A trying climb but there’ll be a nice view after the long climb.
Thoughtless Thoughts: Each moment, good or bad, is an experience that defines what lies ahead so treasure each experience as they happen as they’ll soon be part of history.

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