Patience My Dear Franc

This week and the following weeks would be a test of patience and I guess people won’t let on and continue to be annoying and attention seeking. I guess it takes much effort to drag myself to work. The deadline is lurking and difficult as it is, there are some developments. Patience my dear Franc.
Also had the chance to meet up with ‘rarely’ seen SGV friends, Warna and Dodoy last week. Always a nice breather seeing friends on times like this. The jovial mood has set in and difficult as it is, I’ll be trying to squeeze some time with family and friends. Work is work, friends are friends and family is family and the lines should be drawn and not let the eminent deadline dictate on me.
Speaking of the season. I’m glad I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping and awaiting the next urgency to finish up my Christmas chores. It would be better if I’m in the mood and not just feel obliged. I remember a scene in the Big Bang Theory I watched on the plane that a gift is also an obligation to reciprocate the thoughtfulness of the other party. I guess, it’s really the thought that count.
Another item I did squeeze in this schedule was a quick visit to Baguio for a dental appointment and short as it was, I did appreciate having the cool weekend feel in the city of Pines. The cold days that made the place famous is back and I also had the chance to go through old school photos for my part in our elementary group site. Wait, I did have a rather unusual trip back home starting with almost missing the bus, having a snoring passenger nearby, and upon reaching home, home repairs so the not much sleep but the 9-11 degrees weather was well worth it.
And speaking of sleep, I better get one now to complete my weekend recharge.
Thoughtless Thoughts: When the glimmer of hope is bleak, then you got to believe.

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