Barely Blinking

I’m still reeling from a very tiring week and a long weekend that wasn’t even a weekend. We had a quick visit to Cambodia to prepare for yearend closing which starts with a full day travel from Ph to Cambodia which includes an exciting prop plane ride from Vietnam (exciting may be an understatement). We survived!!!

We had to make do with the limited time and had another adrenalin-rush on our trip to Kampong Cham and back to Phnom Penh. In short, they drive real fast in this part of the world. Another thing on my to do list is to learn how to cross the road with multitudes of motorcycles rushing along the road. Not much really for this trip but we did have some progress on our ‘to do’ lists.
One item not on my to do list is pleasing know it alls whose sole purpose is to catch attention by endless non-sensical comments. Sarcasm has overtaken me since the last thing I’d want to hear is a self important individual giving comments when we’ve been practically throwing all our efforts from one place to another just making both ends meet and managing problems simultaneously from one country to another. I hope people are considerate enough to realize that we have better things to do than listen to eternal list of unneeded remarks.
Barely blinking that’s how things have been and to the extent that I feel like a global slave these days catering to dilemmas from all corners. Well, I hope that all the spirit of Christmas shower all its might and swing me to the jovial mood of the season. At least even if I’m still asking “Spirit of Christmas, where are you?,” I’ve already started my Christmas shopping and hoping that family and friends do pull me in the season. Let the festivities commence.
Excess Inkblogs: My heart bleeds for what happened in Maguinadanao. It sad that so many people had to die but it makes me a hundredfold sadder that there are people who are heartless enough to commit such act.

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