My SLSC Prequel: A Trip to Ancient Past

Elementary, my dear friend… the formative years that transforms young kids to old kids… Let me start everything with the word “fear.” Outside of family, we had to deal with the idea of an authority figure in front of us and we did encounter punishments along the way, be it being reprimanded as noisy to being cleaners or even to the extreme by being in the squat position or getting hit in the arm. We had faculties ranging from the friendly, the motherly and who could forget, the terror ones.

The carefree life. Recess and lunch were a time for a game of sipa, touch the body and the of course, Washington. It had sections ranged against each other and would entail a lot of team work, and at times a bit of violence but who cares, it’s quite satisfying to make a run towards captured classmates to make the save and at the end of it all, it still is a friendly game and then we have to answer to our teachers why we are dripping in perspiration.

Funny how world expands as we grow older. Living from a small room to a bigger playground. Transitioning from home to a whole new playground and growing up in such an environment where we develop our first few sets of friends, partners of mischief, attempts at leadership and responsibility and a lot of subjects you get to learn and get to forget after each of the year. At least, you have the next year to look forward to who your classmates are gonna be.

1991 signaled an end to this era but not before some earth shaking event – A 7.7 quake in 7/16/1990 that had us living of the streets for a few months and a graduating elementary bunch with no idea on when they would eventually be back to school and finish their remaining elementary months. A brilliant coincidence that this happened on a daylight saving time (d’life saving time according to my Dad then) since we were off to home early or else who knows if we’re still in the confides of school. The short part of the story is that we finish the remaining months and officially became SLSC batch 1991.

The next encounter: A reunion 4 years later aptly titled intensity 7.7 and the stage was a hotel and this time old kids are now in mid-teens. Now, that the group has been resurrected after almost 20 years from our elementary days. The next encounter will definitely be something to look forward to, the comparison with then and now will be something interesting and though I haven’t made much noise yet, I’m glad to visit the site and just check on what’s up in the lives of the friends and people that made up my elementary life.

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2 Responses to My SLSC Prequel: A Trip to Ancient Past

  1. What an awesome prequel! You had put it succintly. Our experience during those formative years have undoubtedly contributed to the success we are enjoying now as adults. Just like you I am looking forward to seeing everyone for the grand reunion. By the way, the earthquake fell on my 12th birthday. Such an unforgettable devastating day.

  2. Franc says:

    yeah… btw, i was too busy the last time to repost in our group site… looking forward to reunion too and going home to unearth old pics…

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