Mission Impossible Begins

Wake me up!!! This is just a sick joke or a bad dream!!! Taking away full 45 days from my previous deadline is unprecedented but needed move – A task bordering in the realm of impossibility. So here we are again attempting another feat which honestly still entangled with the thought on how it can be done.

So be it!!! Waking up and thinking it is just a sick joke or bad dream is no longer an option. The thin line of relief comes with the idea that there are just time that we discover how the answer to the riddle as we go along and that difficult it may be but there’s always a better way. The sad truth sinking in that this requires a plan, flawless execution and team play.

Mission impossible begins!!! The first steps have been taken in Taiwan and the path leads to Bataan on Monday and Cambodia by month-end. I’m starting to be more upbeat as the minute goes by as the challenge have been set and the intellectual marathon is ongoing on on improbable deadline. There’s always a strong will and a little optimism that good fate would intercede.

Despite the tough road, it’ll be crossed in joyful times with Christmas holidays just around the corner. It’ll still be a happy new months and maybe this is just another roadblock to stir the tide to better days and stronger people once everything has been said and done. It’ll be critical, It could be heart-beat stopping, it could lead to a lot of headaches but everything can be done if we start finding answers instead of raising more questions.

It’s been an interesting past few days with the usual pressure packed moments preparing for the board and delivering presentation. The times you question if this is still the things you want to do and the effort involved in doing it. The endless craving for easier times. All this have to wait till mission possible is over. It’s now a case of looking ahead and taking a step at a time and who knows. mission impossible may just be possible.

Thoughtless Thoughts: Impossible is just another word of not trying too hard.


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