What Weekend???

I barely noticed the weekend pass by as I felt it was so short though I did enjoy most of it. Makes me wonder, “What weekend???”

It was a good thing this week that I was able to reintroduce exercise in my daily routine and just as I was making progress the came the weekend. Let’s see… Kamayan for dinner on Fridays with Cousins. Dads for lunch on Saturday with friends and Breakfast meeting in Fraser Place on Sunday. Well, back to square one at least, there’s effort in being healthy – small gains. I still feel less bloated compared to last week.

The holiday spirit is fast rushing in with malls starting to offer their holiday sale and then the obvious it was an expensive weekend as well. The malls were packed with people and also I’m lucky enough to be able to avoid GB5 on Sunday morning where there was a robbery and shootout took place. It was a good thing I wanted to change clothes after coming from office or else it could have been traumatic.

It was also nice to share some time with friends for Anna’s Birthday treat at Dad’s Megamall which was a well attended event (Anna, Me, Arlyn, Mark and Ria). A well attended event is one which is attended by people who rarely attends (Peace Mark and Ria). It’s synchronizing each other timeline as it’s been years seeing seeing the others and now, we’re on the same page, we can set out new events in the timeline.

Then there are missed events. I missed my chance to try to reconnect with another friend from a different time but I did excert much effort. Not the right time. On a brigther note, She is homebound and Mike would finally be back in Makati so there would be some friends to meet next week and it’s also gonna be a busy week as we start our preparation for the board meeting.

It’s the final hours of my weekend and I just hope I won’t notice the weekdays and say, “What weekdays?” =>

Thoughtless Thoughts: “We can’t always control our emotions but we can always control our reaction.”


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