Blue Week

Two things that stood out this week is the back-and-forth rampage of Typhoon Pepeng and the other one is Blue Thursday wherein Ateneo Juniors and Seniors team bagged the championship in their respective divisions.

The first a continuous saga of disasters that came every week and I’m sad that my hometown is ravaged and isolated but I’m glad my family and friends are safe. The problem now is after all the rains where now overflowing with water. I did ask this question, do we still have 7,107 islands??? When all else does not fall into place, hope remains and whatever positive juice left in me, I’m leaving that to aspire that the path of destruction is over and it’s time to rebuild.

Almost overlooked by the craziness around, it was an outstanding feat that Ateneo High School and College teams was able to score back to back championship with the clincher made on the same day. Victory is always sweet and this time I was able to attend Ateneo’s championship bonfire and one message did stick out, the event was for celebration and the next step was continue rebuilding the nation.

There’s also the scent of busyness lurking around with the upcoming board meeting but I’m glad I’m still able to meet my raffle friend* during the week. (*A raffle friend is so hard to contact & chances of a received call is similar to a lottery). I also hope to squeeze some time to exercise a bit and attempt to lose weight. Good luck to me but at times, stress makes me lose weight and with an upcoming board meeting. Stress is on my side. The new games in Wii Fit Plus makes exercise a bit interesting.

A good part of the week is looking forward and I hope the weather forecast is correct that it’s gonna be a fine weather as the sun is much needed now and from a blue week, I hope to see the yellow rays of the sun. =>

Excess Inkblogs: Happy Birthday Princess Sioberella!!!


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