Nature’s Warning

The week had a series of events that heightened the need to reassess our ways to be more conscious with our environment. A typhoon delivering a month’s worth of rainfall ravaging several countries along its path… A tsunami affecting an island… Series of earthquakes causing much damage and scare to the South East Asia region… and a super typhoon still pounding its wrath… I hope the list stops here as there’s much needed time to heal.

A strong statement that some acts of man have been disrupting the balance of nature… Dark clouds have been hovering and the clear skies is a distant memory… Hope remains that the resilient nature of people will be strong enough to get past this and once we are done licking our wounds, there’s a task at hand in making the world a better place…

A lot of time and resources have been spent in reaching a helping hand to those in need and yet I feel bad that amidst all the goodwill there’s still people who are wasting resources in smear campaigns and then there are some delays caused by the bureaucracy. There’s always a time element to consider . The dynamics has changed and I hope that the system would adopt to the times and let help flow through those who need it as soon as possible.

Just since I’m in the mood of whining, I find the influx of political ads on TV right now annoying. Candidates carrying their department in their ad makes me think… Is their department rich enough to come up with ads at this time of needs or these candidates philanthropic enough to promote their departments with their personal ads??? Either way, I don’t think this is the time to flood us with those ads designed to condition the voters mind that they are such credible people… I guess the voters should be smarter…

So much for dwelling on those stuff… There’s so much reason to smile amidst all the disaster… Majority are now so involved in reaching out and united in the hope that better times are ahead… There should be a rainbow after all the rain… =>


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