September Ends

“A little of everything makes a big difference.”

We learned so many of life’s lesson in the past few days of September and I hope that lessons learned may not just be a tragic stamp of history but rather a reminder that there is long path to making the country a safer place. The sign shows that there is hope with each person reaching out deep in his pocket and trying to do as much as they can to help alleviate the difficulties lurking around. People are nice by nature amid all the complications and pretensions the world has to offer and their compassionate nature has radiated so brightly the past few days and this should be a good first step.

“Life is simple if you know how to value the main essentials.”

My friend asked me what I’d save in case of a calamity. My answer was simple, I’d save myself first and the people with me and I care about. If I have to choose certain items, I’d go with my wallet, phone and some food to increase my chance of survival. Wallet for contingencies, phone for contingencies and food for nourishment. If there were more time, I would do what an auditor do in an inventory count, go for the high valued items. Life’s choices are simple if you know what you want.

“The Path of Wisdom Lies Within”

I’m recently on a fortune cookie overload just trying to find a certain bit of wisdom on how to motivate myself which has been lacking as of late. I figure that the load is twice as heavy when you don’t feel like doing it. I somehow hit certain peak in my immediate goals and made it difficult to look for new goals. I realized that I’m the type of person who always wants to shake things up… always looking for new milestones to finish… and searching new beginnings… That’s just who I am… I’m not someone who rest complacently and just go with the flow… Always ready to step up or step forward to another direction… I think that’s how fast the world revolves no, change is so constant that adoptabilty to situation is much needed… That’s my motivation… Flexibility amidst the changing dynamics… and new beginnings will come in time…

Speaking of new beginnings, it’s gonna be a new month shorty.

Thoughtless Thoughts: “It’s better to give than to receive but always leave some for yourself cause if you give too much, you lose a part of who you are and become incomplete”


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