Trapped in MOA

This is a first being stuck away from home on the heels of a devastating calamity and while the moral of the story is that better stay at home when there is a incoming typhoon, I guess this was still a nice experience to note down.

We have planned a Tagaytay getaway for the weekend as part of Arlyn’s birthday celebration but upon picking up Arlyn and Ruth (Anna was lucky enough to pass on today due to an exhaustive work schedule), we decided to shift someplace nearer due to the rains. We decided on Mall of Asia and just a few hours in MOA, we got SMS on the various floods in the Metropolis. TRAPPED!!! Main strategy: Movie Marathon til the floods are out. Breakfast, lunch, two movies and still the rains and the floods are there. The mall closed earlier though still a lot of people were stranded. My phone’s battery is n rapid decent with all the updates on the road conditions.

Dark misty skies… unending rain… and people trapped in a mall with shops and stalls closed… It seemed like a perfect centerpiece for a Zombie movie. How to survive a zombie invasion??? That isn’t really the dilemma but how to survive for hours in the mall without much to do. It served as a nice time to catch up and just bond and if I had to be stuck in a mall, I’m glad I am amidst friends. If you were stuck in a mall, who would you want to be with??? hehe… Had to conserve my battery by just using SMS and no mobile Facebook (that’s a difficult task) and had to stock up on foods and drinks. It was nice that there were still shops that are open.

Come to think of it, we were real safe that we were trapped in a mall instead of some place else as this was the biggest rainfall in decades and probably in my lifetime and this has already caused so much havoc around the country. I realized another aspect which I haven’t paid much attention to… Some resources are limited (e.g. food, communication and transportation) and the limited nature of some items makes them real important. The little things make big difference and are needed to be valued.

We had our escape a few minutes before midnight. The roads were dark, the flood was tolerable but the traffic was still a bit terrible. We had our way home a little past midnight and I was glad to be home… and being trapped no more…. =>


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