Over the weeks I have tried to come up with thoughtless thoughts and I did enjoy coming up with ideas on just about anything. It wasn’t always the typical thoughts but it was certainly ideas I do believe in – something true and something aligned to my emotions and experiences.

I have run out of ideas. “Thoughtless.” The problem was everything was starting to become a routine. A half-awake zombie just trying to survive the day and surviving was a tough task – always a test of patience. I should find new goals and new ways at getting things done and keeping things exciting. I was somewhere in between taking big steps and staying in a familiar comfort zone but a step forward would always be a welcome change.

The middle ground was always a safe place but I guess, we don’t always have to be safe. There are risk to takes for rewards to gain. A simple formula that life’s rewards are borne out of the risk we take. I decided to shake things a bit and a thought stood out…

Thoughtless Thoughts:Sometimes we should just let go and let the hands of fate take us to where we should be.”

Excess Inkblosgs: I think I’m done with my thoughtless state. Normal mode now.


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