And Yet Another Long Weekend…

I’m getting used to this… 4th Long weekend in 5 weeks… Can I compress my work hours in 4 days??? haha…

This one was spent mostly unlocking the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown… and midway to the book I had a hunch on one of the mystery in the book and by the end of the story, the hunch was proven to be right… I’m not sure if I was smart enough to unlock the mystery so soon or it was a bit obvious… well, I still did enjoy spending most of the weekend just reading a book… It’s one of the challenges I wanted to surpass… It’s really difficult reading a book with all the technology around…

Spent Friday @ Nommu for Mascy’s birthday… Nice to meet some friends and it’s been quite some time since I last saw them… and the next would probably be after a few months with so many people on their exodus vacation to US… Thank PAL for their promo months ago… Too bad, I wasn’t book a vacation of my own… but I’ll have my time for my own vacation… Enough miles for Oz next year and let’s see if I can have Europe as the next destination… Well, that’s still a busy season ahead so I’ll leave it at that… I’m still trying to squeeze in various Ph destination in the short run…

Then I still have several major expenditures to think about before the end of the year… To Mac or not to Mac??? Should I get a Macbook??? and also thinking of Camera Upgrade… oh well, I still have a few months to make up my mind… or better yet, a few more months to convince myself to save instead… hehe…

And yeah another thought to think about, it’s back to work tom… =<

Excess Inkblogs: Happy Birthday She (Sept. 22) and Arlyn (Sept. 24)

Thoughtless Thoughts: “Doing one’s job doesn’t always bring smiles and laughter for the simple reason that there are always other things that can make us happy…”


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