Baul Wars

I was real torn on a taking a weekend trip to Baguio or just spend another lazy weekend in Makati… Eventually decided to go for the former… on account of two reasons… 1) replenish our coffee supply and 2) unearthing old pics straight from the “Baul” and trigger a new round of Baul Wars…

It was raining real hard in the city of Pines which combined to the breezy feel translate to such a cold weather… Maybe just a reminder on how I did grow up and loved this place… and aside from the sleep… spent most of Saturday afternoon shifting from one album to another searching for old pics… and to my surprise this was real fun to do… going back to all those memories that are now part of history… and I guess, today’s stories are better told with what happened yesterday…

Knowing that I’d probably spend the whole time at home, I was tasked to buy dinner which was a visit at Luisa’s Cafe in Session Road… we loved the sweet sauce of their Asado meat their… and desserts… Sans Rival at Sizzling Plate… to date this is still the best one I had… Food of recent past was the flavor of the day with Pork Chop Fried Rice at Marosans… the sweet turon in the corner of New Lucban and T-Alonzo… and the street foods along the way from Bonifacio Road to Session Road… My trail ended at the top of the City, SM for a few items to shop… and the view was just fog all over the place… wanted to walk back home but the cold weather and the rain had me calling for a cab and off to home…

Took the midnoon trip back to Manila… Hoping that the weather goes with me… but with the frequent rains, the heat is tolerable… and though a short visit, it reminded me on why it was a nice place to visit… It still owns an enviable cool weather…

And tomorrow, backlash from the Baul pics posts… hehe… and I’m doing something I haven’t done in a month… go to work for 5 straight days as there is no holiday this week… =>

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