My Weekend Blast

Weekday: Drowsy Monday… So so Tuesday… Marooster sighting and Little Quiapo on Wednesday… Lax Thursday and Plant Tour Friday…

Weekend was a blast!!! Friday night party at Grilla for Eunice and Don Owen’s Bday celebrations… Fun… food… Alcohol… Enlightenment… Met some friends again… and a lot lot more alcohol… Meeting AGSB friends has been a bit rare as of late… blame it to everybody having an upgrade of responsibilities and to dos…. The night was a blast and ended at the wee hours of the morning…

Morning was a blast from the past as I finally got in touch with an old friend, I’ve been trying to call for weeks… not much talk but it does break some ice… Still sleepy from last night’s blast… Next was the banana blast… as I attended the launch of The Banana Experience launch at festival mall… Nice food they have… Congrats to Jay and Mascy for a very successful brainchild of a business… Movie at night and finally some rest…

Lazy Sunday blast as I barely had the effort to rise from my bed after all the events the past few days… I did exert a little effort cleaning my room and I was also able to sneak a time at the mall to buy some stuff and next stop was Ateneo vs La Salle LIVE… at home… waah no tix this time!!! A great game by the Eagles as they blasted the Archers with a 23 point win… Talk about a blast…

I’m looking to go to sleep a bit early to avoid my Cranky Franky sleepy spell on Mondays… and next week is gonna be a short one… with a holiday on Friday and will be spending the long weekend in Davao… Yipee!!! Can I move forward to my next weekend blast??? =>

Thoughtless Thoughts: The Future can lead as to so many directions but the present is where we take those steps that brings us there… Live by the day and not on the burden that tomorrow brings…

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