Why Bother???

I thought this week was supposed to be smooth sailing as I was able to wrap up most of my requirements last week… but then some changes were incorporated that took some time and left me having several extended hours at the office… just waiting for the snail paced decision making… End result: 3 pounds less from going home all drained and lost my appetite. Good or bad??? I’m still torn.

It was frustrating yesterday as I had to return to the office after a long plant tour with bankers just to finish the figures… I can’t believe people up there weren’t able to come up with a decision until I came… It’s not everyday that my finance and accounting job crossing paths… and worst part of it, I was almost fumigated at the office being there when the fumigation took place… This is now too pathetic…

And come to think of it, most of these efforts are unappreciated by cynical beings that never seem to be pleased so just thinking why bother at all… I guess some people are fortunately tasked to just be critics in a world that needs solutions… My mindset is just deliver my best effort and that’s all I can do…

It’s been a difficult week and I’m glad that the hard times are close to end… I better stop whining and I’ve got to pack my stuff in a while for my China trip tomorrow… but I’m still too tired to do that as of now… =<


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