Stress with a Capital S

It’s a difficult week with the first three days having me stuck in a barrage of meetings… and energy level was down as early as Monday… and I don’t see things becoming less turbulent this week…

“Time moves at a pace you least prefer… Too fast when you are busy and on a deadline… Too slow when you are bored and waiting…”

With so much crammed in the so little time between those meeting, time was at its frantic pace… Some line renewal coincided with the half year closing plus some recurring disturbance along the way… so that’s stress with a Capital S… also means extended work hours during the weekday and additional hours on Saturday… and there’s still a stressful week to go…

Today was spent catching up some lost sleep and even at my numerous attempt to do something, I can’t will myself to get out of bed… and also blame it to the bed weather… If not for some pangs of hunger and the fact that I’m due my visit to the grocery, I might have not even bothered to get out… The rain was really falling hard today… and even the short drive to Rockwell was difficult due to the strong rains… At least, I get to recharge for next week’s stress with a capital STRESS…

Excess Inkblogs: Amidst all the difficult times, I may have recovered my travel appetite with China board meeting next week and R&R in Davao in August… and will probably think of some travel alternatives after all the craziness has gone…

Thoughtless Thoughts: “The wheel of life revolves and brings us on top at times to appreciate the view and at time below to appreciate what we are missing.”

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