Tough Grind Ahead

Less than 2 weeks to go before the board meeting in China… and it’s an uphill climb… and tough grind ahead starts tomorrow…

Audit Planning meeting in the morning… I never look forward to this and for it to come at crunch time, it’s an added burden… It’s SGV’s alumni homecoming day tomorrow and the thought of coming haven’t even entered my mind… Most of my friends are out of the country and the few that remain, I get to see often… and somehow, I feel stucked within the same SGV circles with the year round audit work… Maybe should find new circles to explore…

Apart from the planning meeting, I’ll be stuck in two more meetings with banks and probably endless executive meetings the next two days… and then there’s the rigid chase of a deadline on the half year financials… A plant tour and some finance and accounting stuff to finalize… I just got tired thinking about it…

If there’s one thing I know… All deadlines will pass and all the work will go away at some time… so no use whining about it… though whining does help to relieve some stress… I’m just leaving on a day to day status… I usually give that answer when people ask me how long I can stand the tough grind… and probably been on a day to day status for such a long time… Sounds, non commital but probably more on a non-complacent attitude that tomorrow could always be something different… so must live the day by the day as much as I can…

Lazy weekend… Not this time… Spent time with friends preparing some stuff… time at the mall… at the spa… and some time to exercise a bit… I really need to lose some weight… I’m a bit on the heavy side… I’m also now on a conscious effort to relearn the art of window shopping without actually shopping… I’ve really been impulsive shopper as of late… Any progress??? I would like to think that everything I bought this week were things I needed and not things on impulse…

I wonder why I’m still up when I’m coding tomorrow and with tons of things to do… Oh well… Cranky Franky Times Ahead as well… =>


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