Can Time Creep Slowly???

Just checked on the calendar… and I’m surprised that it’s the 10th day of July… It’s the second half of the year so soon… and just a few weeks short of another dreaded board meeting… and I’m sure wish that time to just creep slowly… No more frantic anticipation for weekends… just a snail paced “tick tock… tttttiiiicccckkkk ttttoooocccckkkk…”

I guess time can’t creep slowly…. with all the craziness the world has to offer… It’ll just be a bleep and it’ll be board meeting time… Even another peek at China does not entice me a bit to look forward to this day… It sucks being in the center of attention and burdened by all the queries… Nothing I can’t handle but always something I don’t look forward to…

Glad that even at warp speed time, there’s still good movies that come… Transformers a few weeks ago (I really love the movie)… Ice Age 3 (Funny)… and next week, it’s Harry Potter (I’m sure the book is still better)… A monotony breaker of my a little bit boring routine…

Anyway, I may take another breather after all the crankiness that half year reporting brings… and probably resume my jet setting mode… there’s still some areas to cover… and some thoughts that needs fresh air to unravel…

Better cut this short or I may be surprised when I do my time check… Back to Work…

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