Half Awake Monday

I’m in the middle of my breakfast in the office and I still find myself Half Awake… I guess the pull of a long weekend is much stronger that somehow going up early on a Monday is such a burden… Hopefully, my tall mocha would work its wonders and pull the other half awake on a Monday…

Nothing special this long weekend… I was barely out but I did have a great time playing punch out on Wii… Glass Joe… Von Kaiser… Disco Kid… King Hippo… Piston Honda… Bear Hugger… Great Tiger and Don Flamenco down… More to go… It’s a bit fun since you’re actually swinging to knock down the other fighter…

Mid of June… In other words, a few days short of the half year report preparations AKA Busy days… the days are quick but I’d rather not think of that yet… The week to come… I haven’t thought about what’s in store yet… I just hope that we resume badminton soon… Still need to shed some pounds…

Well, I’m might as well focus my effort in surviving my half awake Monday… =>

Excess Inkblogs: Lakers up 3-1… Hope they clinch the championship today…

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