Twits and Pieces

Met my The Louisian colleague in High School John last Monday who’s now an ordained priest… An interesting bit of XCV trivia out of the 400+ XCV graduates, only John ended up as a priest… It was ages ago since I last saw him and after half a life time later, we meet last Monday in GB5… Nice crossing path and catching up….


Jing and I met with Rondz for snacks at UCC Tuesday afternoon for Jing last day of being 27 (Haha… that’s an occasion now)… Just a quick snack but we did enjoy UCC’s Omurice and was able to catch up with Rondz… Rondz, Good luck on Fx trading… It’s a real heart beat stopping activity…


A busy day today… Meeting galore… Good thing, we were able to buy some food early morning at Mandarin… I may need to go on a short business trip to Taiwan next week… But given the scare on AH1N1, I’m having second thoughts… We’ll see if I can make progress on what I have to do tomorrow even without taking the trip…


I’m also setting tomorrow as the deadline on my to book or not to book dilemma on availing PAL’s getaway promo… We’ll see…


Tweetin’ whatever whenever… Was able to setup my tweeter account today… so should have fun tweeting shortly…


Excess Inkblogs: Happy Birthday Mrs MJ V!! (June 3) Happy Birthday Jingy Bear!!! (June 3) Happy Birthday Cousin Ethan!!! (June 2) Happy Birthday SLU Friend Byron!!! (June 1)


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