1 Wisdom Tooth Less

Unfortnately my sweet tooth taste had the better of one of my wisdom tooth and it would have been better to have it removed… The first question I asked my dentist was…

“If you take away my wisdom tooth, will I be dumb?”

Half meant and pure joke… haha… Well, had grown my wisdom tooth early during high school and now, 1 have I less wisdom tooth… Ok, I think I’m not dumber one level but one thing for sure it’s still a bit sore… after the anesthesia has worn out… It also was ages when I last had a tooth removed… So I really forgot how’s the process of extracting a tooth…

Anyway, after the procedure, my question was…

“Can I eat Ice Cream?”

Haha… I got a yes answer… I always associated a visit with the dentist with a subsequent visit at the ice cream parlor… I think we still did have the Coney Island Ice Cream in Session Road when I was a kid… Unfortunately, the rest of the solid foof, I have to skip for the next 24 hours or I can just chew rabbit style (with my 2 front teeth)… Maybe it could start me on a diet course… hehe… =>


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