Ini Mini Miny Mo

Ini Mini Miny Mo… depicts my current volatility in my mindset… and when probably faced by a decision on steps tp take, it may just be on where the roulette has landed… Ok, the easier term would be lost and clueless… an eternal pro vs con situation that shifts day by day…

I’m much of an epicure to have a sole mindset… and as things are… the factors and situations are constantly switching and changing… so really a toss up and as I say it’s been day to day for quite some time now… The anything goes mentality makes this a bit more exciting yet of course, if you ask me what’s in store for weeks, months and years from now… I can safely say I don’t know…

I haven’t blogged as often as I used to cause I guess events are not interesting… I don’t really have the most interesting persona to start with… A part of me is bored so everytime I try to conjure up something I end up on a blank wall… That’s probably a drawback of not having a game plan… Not much to look forward to… and as the choices that come my way… I have to use a simple approach… Ini Mini Miny Mo…


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