Deep Thought…

The last few days have been more of thoughts than actions… In the midst of vacation in… vacation out routine… I remembered that I’m still in a period of reassessment on where to go… and what to do…

Quite untimely for me to go on this mindset… With the world’s economy retreating and the job market compressing, I still am somehow, reconsidering my options… Surprisingly though, a few options are starting to pop out… That’s a thought that would really take time to digest… I’m still in the opinion that the recession is just a way of telling us that we’re moving too fast and that we need a break… I wonder when I get that break…

On another thought, I’m starting to gain weight though it was not as much as I expected considering all the vacation as of late… It really takes real effort to grab that Wii controls and do the exercise routine… but I really need to shed some pounds… so will have to exert more effort…

Well, I guess the deep thought phase was triggered by me having the long break last year in OZ at this time while it was broken down to several small breather this year… It’s the leanest of my lean season and though I had my share of vacation… I’m still caught with the thought of wanting more… Hmm… I’m just a few miles away from another free vacation from down under… Just thinking… =>


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