B2 = Bohol… Hello Tarsier!!! Hello Chocolate Hills!!! Had this trip planned towards the end of the year so were able to enjoy low ticket rates… It was our first family trip outside the usual destinations in Luzon…
Took the mid day flight to Bohol on the 8th of April… Had our stay at Belleview Rock… First day was more on enjoying the facilities of the place (dip in the pool… food…) and we had a nice view of the moonlight as well as the stars scattered in the sky… Our hotel was not pricey but the nice part about it is we had the whole resort most of the time to ourself…
Day 2 had our routine bohol tour… Blood Compact Monument… Baclayon Church… Tarsier Sanctuary… Loboc River Cruise… Chocolate Hills… Hanging Bridge… Tarsiers are so cute… Loboc River served nice foods with a scenic back ground… and of course, the chocolate hills are one of a kind… A lot tiring day but worth seeing all those attractions…
We had our chance at dolphin watching and snorkling on Day 3… Fun watching all those dolphins in the wild… It’s a different experience from those all those dolphin shows… and snorkling provided an excellent view of the various marine life in the area… After a great time appreciating nature, we had our way back to the resort and also our way back to Manila…
And thus ends B2…

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