Business Class Again

It was a surprise on our way back to Manila that we were assigned seat 1A and 1C… the business class area… given our economy reservation… and it was our second random business class upgrade in less than a year… the last time from Bangkok last June… It didn’t really make much difference except for the wider seats and the personal in-seat entertainment since this was just a two hour flight… Though it was cool laughing our hearts out watching How I Met Your Mother, Just For Gags and Samantha Who… Lucky for us that the plane was packed and we ended up being the one upgraded… again…
It’s been a nice business trip… Not so much place visited this time given that we have new printers and that we’ve been to almost all the accessible locations last year… Too bad that we missed taking the High Speed Rail to Kaohsiung, which is South of Taiwan but it’s not a trip for this time since if something always pops out that moves the trip, it must be a clear sign not to go…
We were able to go back to Tamshui (it’s empty on weekdays)… and the Zoo (the cute and fluffy panda were the stars of the show)… and the the Yehliu Geopark (Great Natural Attraction) and Ocean World (dolphins and seals are so entertaining)… Also, realized that there are different nice coffee shops around… Next time, we should try the other coffee shops aside from the usual Starbucks… and we’ve also had a chance to try out different restaurants on our own… but my favorite for this trip is their cup noodles… Can be bought at convenience store… add water and wahlah… instant dinner… hehehe…
Well, now I’m back after 13 days in Taipei… and except for the transition for the warm weather, I’m glad to be back in Manila… and as I was on my way to my parking lot, I saw that there was already Illongo’s Grill near the office… Time for early dinner… hehe… I missed our local foods… It’s gonna be a short week of work next week with two plant tours and after that… It’s time for vacation in Bohol… Yipee!!!
And now back to another thing I missed… My Own Bed… ZZZZZZZ

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