Spent today as a personal leave… a ceasefire of sorts… after the announcement and the funding activities… and also, to renew my drivers license…

Today started on a terrible note, our store in Baguio City Market has been gutted down by fire… It’s really a big loss… and soon as my sister and I help my mom reestablish capital… It’s gonna hit my savings BIG TIME… I guess, there are just time you lose and as soon as everything settles in… I’ll just say adieu to a chunk of my savings… The store have been a family business since my Lola’s days and now that it’s sad to see all those assets to waste… but the important part is to move on after all the losses… there’s always a new tomorrow…

Had to renew my drivers license for the rest of the day… had done the processing via LTO in Ayala MRT and the fast paced license renewal was slower with all the biometrics involved… but the good part is after you finish you’re medical, you’d be advised what time you should come back… and after the long wait, license was renewed at around 3pm… At least, I have to deal with this again 3 years from now…

It’s a full week before my birthday… and I have set out plans for some minor celebration with friends… It’s just unfortunate that the fire has to happen a week before my birthday (or have to happen at all)… It just really ruins the mood for the celebration… Still have a few days and hopefully, things will brighten up… Just a reminder how erratic the world is at this point… and ironic as it seems, the fire had to coincide with the Penagbenga celebration so while a part of Baguio was in festivities… a part of the city is wondering how to rise from the ashes of the fire…

It’s gonna be back to normal tomorrow… Ceasefire over and back to rushing for the annual report… and it’s the last uphill step before the busy season is over… but it’s gonna be a struggle as always… Hope that after all that has happened… The sun would shine in our direction… my fingers are crossed…


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