2 Down

It did come to making the impossible possible and working over the weekend… but after several long hours… the board meeting it’s finally over… 2 down… At least, my figures are now firm and can now move on to preparing the annual report… Not yet past the rough times but at least, I’m done with my funding issues and the board reports…

Just had a discussion with a friend yesterday since I was able to squeeze in my upcoming birthday on the topic… and the question was whether I’m excited… Well, I said, no not yet since it’ll be board meeting today… but after, I’m really looking forward to a celebration… so now, I’m officially excited with my festive day…

Not so explosive at Board meeting and even if we just barely finished the reports, it went smooth… I guess, the trick is not really trying too hard… and for now, it’s time to rest… We’ll rush through the annual report for the week… and then time to think of better days…

But for now, I’m no longer in the business of making the impossible possible… at least for now… Maybe some things are better left of as impossible… =>


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