Busy Busy Monday

I barely had time to do anything except work as it’s 1 week before dreaded board meeting day and still cramming… As early Monday blogs somehow shifted to early morning work… and now shifted to early evening work…

Actually, was able to catch some break since two directors would be flying out the same day of the board meeting… In short, it’s gonna be a short board meeting… I’m sure they’d concocted a plan already on how to make those few hours a lot more difficult… Fingers crossed that everything should be fine…

I was thinking of leaving early today though until I successfully call the loan, I think I’ll be a hostage in the office… It also dawned to me that even if I wanted to go home, I wouldn’t be able to do such without violating the number coding scheme… Yeah, forgot, it’s Monday… Maybe I’ve gone to the level of busy that I don’t know how to differentiate days anymore…

Come to think of it, I was the one who pushed for an earlier board meeting date to have more time for the annual report since the quality has deteriorated as of the past years with all of those last minute adjustments… and of course, the torment involved in finishing the annual report on a squeezed deadline… This is something I really won’t look forward to…

Well, too much forward thinking… stress is an interest I don’t want to have in advance… so back to finishing up today.. which unfortunately does not end yet… =<


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