Back to Busy Seasons…

Busy seasons… Hate to be in this time but it’s always a phase you have to get by whether you like it or not… even if I’m not yet inclined to do those routine ‘Life Sucks!!!’ blog at this time of year… I guess, I have to face reality that the word BUSY is again back into my calendar…

Full two weeks before Board meeting… no figures yet… no budget… no SGX and even… no funds… haaay… still not pressing the panic button though… everything will pass… for every problem, there is a solution… and for every solved problem, there is another problem… waah….

I’ve been more cost conscious lately… Just came to the realization that with the tough times the world is encountering, anything can happen… so might as well be more conservative in the spending department… though I’ve got a long way to go to be less impulsive…

Well, lots of things to do… so might as well get back to the task at hand…

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