Fridays and Rockwell

Fridays and Rockwell has been a consistent event for me… Hanging out with Jing before her class… and at times, meeting AGSB friend Eunice… It’s not the typical Friday party mode but I guess just nice to hang out and just take time to talk about anything under the sun…

Busy days are here… and we’re in cramming mode now… rushing Financials for the Board Meeting (2 weeks away… I promise myself not to waste time and emotion in a panic frenzy… waah)… Requirements for loan disbursements… and the year end audit…

And speaking of audit… I’m really sad from recent developments on things that transpired in the place I started my career… Not much to say here but that there are groups and people I respect there and I can relate to how things have turned up… The optimist in me hopes all things end well… Too much uncertainty already in the whole wide world…

Was suppose to go home to Baguio today to meet some relatives from down under but suddenly they’ll be in Manila and the second reason I was home bound was to meet up with AGSB friend Grace there but seeing that her schedule there won’t match mine… then way back home may come at some other time…

The good part of Fridays and Rockwell is the next day that comes is called a weekend… Lazy boy time… or maybe not this time (About time to be a bit more productive on weekend)… =>


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