Being early has been a whole week routine already… and in some ways, except for the occasional sleepy spells, I’ve adjusted my system to waking up early… Of course, it also means going home early… At least for this week, as the higher ups are busy with the Chinese New Year festivities…

I guess morning coffee taste much better when you’re using it to rejuvenate your system… it’s a order with a few weeks before board meeting and so much more to do… The lead time is stressfull already so no use to worry about the idea that the deadline is dying… hehe…

Had a nice time meeting SGV friends at Italiani’s last Tuesday with FAA, Jay Anne, Arlyn, Carol and Cathy… I’m no longer used to the frequent dinners with friends… A little bit more domesticated… But it’s always fun getting together sometime… or somewhere (as most of my friends are foreign based already)…

Treated myself to Spa yesterday… With the waking up early routine… it’s really a welcome treat… I was craving for a good massage even while I was in Cambodia last week but somehow I wasn’t able to squeeze it in lazy weekend routine…

It’s not gonna be a lazy Friday as there’s so much to do… and I do plan to leave earlier… while I can (I even brought my trusty HP Mini Laptop to be able to access files even if I’m out of office)… hehe… =>


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