Things are heating up…

Even a bit detached at work, I can feel that things are heating up and the work load is slowly creeping in… and there’s really much pressure to finish as much before the Chinese New Year begins since several decision makers would be of the radar… I guess that also means less calls and emails to answer… Yipee!!!

It’s been interesting how I’ve been out of the office when I get queries from higher ups… well that’s the value of technology… I can be anywhere and be just a phone call or email away… Good thing, I’m not on Blackberry since it’s gonna be difficult being bombarded by email every now and then… A little part of me still want to be detached from work… Maybe I should return my office SIM… hehe…

The good thing is I’m not in the usual grumpy mood at this time… not yet anyway… hehe… Glad to have those little escapes like a short drive to Rockwell or the Fort or Gbelt… coffee… lunch… dinners… friends… parties (yehey, tomorrow’s Jan’s party!!!)… and of course, those lazy weekends… There should be some balance somehow…

Well, as things are heating up… tough times would be approaching shortly… I just hope that I’d remain calm and compose at all time… We’ll see but I won’t really bet on it… hehe… =>

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