A little while ago, I’ve been a part of several vehicles flagged down by MMDA people because of using the bus lane going to Buendia, which is a common passage for vehicles coming from Rockwell… but apparently they have suddenly tightened the rules and apprehended several vehicles at this strip…

Ok I’ll pay my fine hoping that it does go to public use and not for some MMDA head with political aspiration… a theory which does make sense considering all those lifesize billboards along EDSA… but I’d rather not dwell on that theory but I really don’t see the sense of trying to crowd the outer lane if your just passing by that strip to Buendia that doesn’t even register a movement on your mileage counter… That really does more harm than good…

Then next I was warned for not using my lights where it was clear that my midlights was on… though my car model had the light in the side front area… which should be a common knowledge by now since there are so many Honda cars in the street… Anyway, was able to have this waived…

Just noticed that it’s being a trend for suddenly having some areas having surprise rules… I just remember that towards the beginning of the year they had suddenly made tight no left turn rule in Metropolitan Avenue… I just want to think that they are trying to improve the traffic situation even if some rules don’t make sense…Well, I’ll just charge it to experience and I’m definetly not voting for the guy in those billboards… =>

Excess Inkblogs: I really don’t know how to classify this blog:
Is this the blog you write when you’re pissed off?
Is this the blog you write or don’t want to write because you’re embarassed?
Is this the blog when you want to warn people?
Is this the blog I want to be socially relevant or irrelevant?
I think it falls in a fragment of each of the above… =>


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