Bangkok Layover

I’m on my first hour of my four hour layover in Bangkok Airport… seeping my Tall Starbucks Mocha… What to do in such a long time??? alone…. waah…

The bankers which I went to Cambodia with had a day trip to Angkor Wat… Not for me this time since been there 2x and there’s tons of work to do… So the short part of the story is I’m alone in Bangkok Airport… waiting for my boarding call… So just have to exhaust mt one hour worth of internet here and then off to the shops… I hope I do get to bring home some tamarind and dried fruits… yum… yum… and I hope that I don’t exhaust my card in those long hours… hehe…

Short eventful trip… starting with the trip to Cambodia… too much food from the plane to the airport… and eventually in Cambodia… Another plant tour and presentation in Kampong Cham, Cambodia… did something ala Fear Factor, trying the exotic black spider (not really bad as it seems)… and then all the usual alcohol involved in the traditional chinese dinners… we did stop by intercon for some entertainment… and sleep (had evade me yesterday) so I’m really appreciating my coffee today…

Barely had the energy to drag myself to catch my 10am flight and slept half of my flight to Bangkok and all this while trying to be in the loop of everything going on in the Ph… Yearend stuff… Haay…. so many things ongoing with the Chinese New Year approaching… Thank God for roaming… I’m still in the loop of all those events…

I’m probably out of credits in a while so I guess my wait has to resume without the internet access… good luck to me and my wallet (they have such a big duty free shope here)…. hehe… =>


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