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The work is starting to pour in but we’re still trying to be efficient by avoiding extra work hours… though I’ve been stuck in meetings and presentation toward the end part of the week… Of course, still no weekend work for me… In fact, our CEO phoned me earlier and thinking something is bothering me since for the second straight weekend when he called me, I was at home…

Nothing unusual about that really… except that our CEO is really such a workaholic… Too bad for him, I am not… hehe… Even without working extra hours, I’m proud to say, I’m able to accomplish much… My personal challenge to be as efficient as ever… and I guess, I should preserve my energy for the audit crunch shortly ahead… and I need to conserve my patience as well…

It’s been a nice week being able to meet former FAA Babies last Tuesday… Al, Gemma, Therry, Teng and Jo-C (Dodoy also via phone patch)… It could have been more but there was a mix up in FAA’s schedule… Nice time since it’s been quite a while and there’s so many things that have changed already…

Next week, a short visit to Cambodia via Thailand to tour some bankers… My travel schedule started a lot earlier but at least, it’ll just be a very short trip and will be back by Wednesday… though I’m still thinking on what to do on all those hours waiting at Bangkok Airport… I better store some entertainment in my HP Mini laptop…

Time has move fast and I’m surprised that it’s past mid-January… But if I have my way, I’d like it to slow down a bit as there’ll be a tough stretch ahead… =>


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