Blog Time

The good thing after coming to work early on Monday due to coding is being able to squeeze some time to blog… and there’s also a thought that in the next few days, I don’t have to wake up this early…

Week 1 of work has past… and I’m still craving for new beginnings… but there’s still some unfinished business before that happens… Some vicious cycles are still prevalent… but I’m a little bit more detached… It’s just work!!! I just have to leave by the day and be thankful that there’s some reason to smile…

It’s a lazy weekend… or may I say a lazy week… with me being a bit more domesticated except for late night movie on Saturday and dinner with relatives in Philam Homes yesterday… but the nice part of being at home is that I can have more time for Wii workouts… and I’m slowly shedding the holiday pounds…

It’ll be a more challenging week… year end chores… bank presentation… and finalizing some requirements before I leave for a short trip in Cambodia next week… Yeah, My travel calendar has started… and there’s also that important task of finalizing the details of my Bohol holiday with Family come holy week (Better early than never… hehe)…

It’s about time for work… better be at my OC mode to finish my powerpoint presentation… =>


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